Latitude One TimeTraveler Passport

Prizes earned while on your journey are valued at nearly $150.
Grand Prize for completing the passport is valued at over $400.

(And we intend to make this the best $30 you ever spent)


Start your quest today, to fill the Latitude One Passport, and become an LO TimeTraveler- with all the rewards and benefits that achievement unlocks.


On your journey you'll visit up to 4 quarterly TimeTraveler Feasts- (Like 'Dinner on the Hindenburg'- May 5th, 6pm - but for nearly $20 dollars less than those who buy tickets for $69/each) add to that a possible 52 Thirsty Thursday! events, 52 Funky Fridays!, as well as pop-ups like Mixology Lab Rat History, Oregon Distillery Hippy Hop, and local wine and spirit pairings (in the manner of Single Malt Scotch with Gourmet Popcorn pairings, and Yoga-Wine-Meditation MeetUps)  


All performed by Chef Tracy and his legendary Kitcheneers, Baronness Huston Goldwater and her mesmerizing Mixologists, and your ever attendant host Dobie and your Sterling Service Crew, as well as surprise Guest Players from legendary Moonfall Theater, and regional support from up and coming NW singing talent - all brought together to send you- our fledgling TimeTravelers- to anywhere you dare or desire to go, all while dining on local Northwest Cuisine at its very freshest, best and adventurest.   


We'll keep you both curious and nourished along the way as you earn anything from free appetizers, burgers, and crab cakes while learning fascinating things about everything Deep NW & Beyond.  Collect pint glasses, scotch snifters, T-shirts and other exclusive passport merchandise; each stamp gets you closer to the prizes. 


So start planning your journey across this Deep NW & Beyond Universe...the LO TimeTraveler Passport is here.


  • Passport rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Passports are for sale online and at Latitude One.
  • Customers must be 21 and over to participate.
  • Sorry if your not 21 yet, but this will make a dandy present when you are!

Latitude One Passport

  • Tickets and Passports for the Timetraveler Immsersive Dinner Series are available for pickup at the Latitude One front desk, Thurs-Sat 4pm to close.

    If special pickup arrangements are required, please contact Marlene Cox at